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Arc Lighter & Torch Lighter

The electric lighter has a total of three flashlight modes to ensure basic outdoor needs. When you need to switch the flashlight lighting mode, just press the switch twice to switch to another mode.

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No, Luxgaz outdoor lighter is made of special waterproof plastic, not only does it not lose its color, but it is also waterproof when the latch is fastened..

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There is a power indicator light next to the lighter's ignition button that does not light up when the lighter is dead.

We include a charging cable with each arc lighter. Can use any charger, power bank, computer, etc. to charge your lighter.
When charging is complete, the indicator light no longer flashes and remains fully lit.

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2 Pack Torch Lighter---723

You will need to buy the butane fuel for it. Too flammable to ship with fuel in it.

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-There may be air inside the new lighter, so butane can't be filled in.

-You should empty the air in the lighter first and then fill it.(turn the lighter upside down, and use a screwdriver to squeeze the filling hole in the bottom of the lighter to purge the air.)

- Please ensure that you are using butane fuel with the universal fueling tip (long) and not the shorter butane fueling tip. Zippo and Ronson Multi-Fil both have the universal fueling tip. To fill the lighter, turn the lighter upside down and press the fueling tip into the gas filling valve. Make sure the fueling tip is pressed straight down and not at an angle. In 10 seconds the tank should be full.

- If the gas filling valve is leaking when you are filling it, slow down the rate you are filling the torch to allow the fuel to redistribute in the fuel tank.

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You don't need a screwdriver to adjust the flame. Flame adjustment knob at the bottom. It is very easy to adjust the flame size with one hand.

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